2002 Miscellaneous Pics

Got a scanner, here are the initial results. Suspect most of the poor quality is due to a lot of the photos being pretty light coloured....


May 03 Northumberland

A weekend with Mr Armstrong, Jon3, Drac, Tim & Jonathan. A day of refining skill (ha!) at the jump track, and a day riding the chute.

May 03 Hadfield to Edale

An epic nine hour ride. About 8 punctures, all of which were mine. Least it wasn't raining. See if you can spot tempers shortening... Borrowed a camera for the weekend. Quite pleased with a) good shots b) better set up for the web afterwards.


May 03 Piers Birthday

The picture left is Piers post birthday ride. He made me do it! Hot weather. Piers, his neighbour, Bob & I on a 3 hour singlespeed (well, Piers and I) hell-for-leather ride. We only stopped once for jelly babies!

Also some piccs from Chipps photoshoot & the ride Ben & I did the day after.


©2003 Craig Woodhouse